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Our history

We have been in the world of advertising for 20 years, we started working in agencies and then we jumped into marketing departments, in one of them was where we met and created a tandem, a team that has become increasingly solid in the last 10 years .
My fellow computer programmer and I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Marketing and Graphic Design.

After managing marketing departments in companies such as Terra Mítica, Aqualandia, Birkenstock Spain ... we decided to create our own agency and creative studio, that's how after 20 years abroad we returned to Calpe and shaped PUBLICIDAD CALPE.
We work and live in paradise, we offer all our services from here, and we have clients in many parts of the geography .... London, Belgium, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Elche ... and especially in Calpe! ;)

We offer everything that as clients managing marketing departments we wanted them to offer us:
A trustworthy, serious and professional treatment.
The best price. Meet deadlines. We offer our experience and knowledge (we don't just do for the sake ... we go further)
And the possibility of having the reins of your work.
Without maintenance, which normally as clients we did not like and on top of that they were abusive and obligatory.
We want you to be happy, we want to offer you the best service at the best price ... as if we were doing it for a friend for a relative ... because we want that first job to be the first of many, the beginning of a long friendship.
At the moment we have been in Calpe for several years and we have succeeded, clients who came to consult the price of some cards and after a while consider us as their advertising agency, consult us with any questions and contract our services.

Our philosophy, treating others how we like to be treated ourselves ... that's why we started with Publicidad Calpe to offer everything that we would have liked to have been offered when we worked as a company ...

If you need something! HERE WE ARE ;)


Our history