The importance of having a good corporate image in your company

What is the corporate image and what is it for?
The corporate image or also known as brand image, is a set of attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that the public have about a company or brand, that is, it is the meaning that a company acquires in society.
Therefore, the main objective is for society or our target audience to identify with our brand and to have a positive image of our brand / company. It is important that the corporate image goes hand in hand with the corporate identity, we understand the latter as the "personality" of the company, the chosen color combination, designs and text elements that the company uses in order to convey a visual representation of itself and communicate its business philosophy.
Another objective is to achieve an emotional bond with customers, and that there is an easy identification of our image with the products and services that are generated.

What is the corporate image for?
- Generate affinity with the brand
- Promotes the identification of products and services, that is, getting your brand to be the first to reach the consumer's mind
- Increase brand value
- Help to create alliances, that is, obtain collaborations that increase your views and help you to know about more potential consumers.
- Credibility

An example that we can show you is a cafeteria / ice cream parlor located on the Calpe seafront. A logo that was made taking care of all the details, and taking into account that it wanted to convey, which typography and colors went perfectly.

How can we help?
- Find a name / Naming of the brand
- Design a logo
- Find a font that suits your brand
- Select corporate colors
- Find a slogan
- Find the tone in which you want to communicate
- Capture the new corporate image in social networks, with a varied and active content

If you need help with the corporate image of your brand, or you need to give your brand a new vision and update it, do not hesitate to contact us.

 The importance of having a good corporate image in your company